Employee vs Employers

Who Owns the Copyright Over the Work? Priyanjana Bhattarai and Anal Raj Bhattarai ‘Copyright’ is an exclusive right that protects original works of authorship. It gives its owner the exclusive right to copy, distribute, adapt, display, and perform creative work. In simple terms, copyright is a collection of rights granted to the author of a …

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Need for recognition

An Insatiable Urge for All Madan Lal Pradhan “Recognition” is an effective human resource intervention to inspire and energize people for value addition in their core area of operation. The need for recognition is a never-ending human urge, be it for CEOs, senior managers, or employees down the line. When employees feel valued at work, …

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The best is yet ahead

10 Provocative Evolutions in Human Capability Dave Ulrich Many thoughtful colleagues continue to evolve HR by building on the past to create a better future. Much of this evolution comes from responding to the changing context of business (Covid-19 pandemic, political toxicity, technology, ESQ, social patterns) and is captured with emerging insights based on innovative …

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Living Zorba the Buddha Way

Passion, consistency and pursuit become common factors behind any success Pradyuman Pokharel Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic won his 7th Wimbledon Grand Slam title by defeating the Australian player Nick Krigious, in the recently concluded 2022 Wimbledon Championships. During the final match, though Nick seemed outstanding initially, he lost subsequently due to not getting well …

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Removing the bottlenecks to realize energy sector potentials

Nepal can earn handsome profits selling power to India and Bangladesh Gyanendra Lal Pradhan For any country, food security and energy security are of very strategic importance. Any country that can manage these two factors smartly will prosper faster. For many years, Nepal relied more on traditional energy sources. Initially, our dependency was on firewood …

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Going public

The Prospects and Problems in Becoming Publicly Listed Companies the HRM A few years ago, when the initial public offering (IPO) market was booming in India, investors used to say jokingly that “Even pani puri sellers will raise funds from the public.” Such was the IPO frenzy in the now world’s fifth largest economy that …

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