Outreach celebrates 20 years with rebranding and new website

Outreach Nepal is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary with an exciting rebranding. This milestone includes a new logo, a philosophy inspired by Nepali heritage and a new website, according to the company, “Since its founding in 2003, Outreach has become a leading advertising agency based in Nepal.”

The agency is renowned for its strategic use of local consumer insights—a concept they call “Nepalisation”—which has driven the successful launch of many global brands in Nepal. Outreach is also credited for its creativity and marketing innovations, setting new benchmarks in brand marketing and impactful Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Campaigns aimed at humanizing positive social change.

As part of the rebranding, Outreach introduces “The Sherpa Philosophy.” Sherpas, the mountainous people of Nepal, are globally recognized for their exceptional mountaineering skills, guiding climbers to the summit with their expertise and unwavering support. Further, Outreach positions itself as a guide for global brands, providing the essential strategic planning tools and consumer insights needed to navigate the market landscape and achieve business growth.

“Sherpas are known for their guidance and support, helping climbers reach their goals. At Outreach, we embody this spirit by using our deep understanding of Nepali culture and local market dynamics to guide brands to success. Our new logo, inspired by the ICE AXE, symbolizes the critical tools needed to conquer marketing challenges,” Ujaya Shakya, Founder of Outreach stated.

Outreach’s team consists of multicultural, multitalented young professionals who bring unique perspectives to their work. This diversity fosters teamwork and the sharing of ideas, resulting in authentic, honest and inclusive brand experiences. The agency leads the industry with business driven ideas, connecting emotionally with consumers through strategy, creativity, culture, data and technology.

Outreach is recognized as one of the most progressive agencies in Nepal. The agency has been a four-time finalist for the “Campaign South Asia Independent Agency of the Year” award and is the sole winner from Nepal. Outreach has also won many global and domestic awards for efficiency and creative excellence.

Outreach has launched a new website www.outreachnepal.com reportedly to showcase this philosophy.

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